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Rather than create more Squidoo lenses, lately I've been taking the info from the Celtic Music lenses and making web pages at 22 of the lenses are for artists, CDs, Thistle & Shamrock and of course The 23rd lens, which I made to guide people to the others, isn't much use on the website, so I wrote an article about Celtic music and added a bunch of photos.

Not all the pages have been created yet. I still have eight more to go. Coincidentally, this morning I uploaded the page for the Bothy Band, and on her show today (Wednesday, even though it's already Thursday in Dublin) Louise Molony gave a brief history of the Bothies. She asked for a link to the page, so I commented on her page.

At the beginning of her show, Louise asked if anyone could record it for her. Nobody else said they could, and I knew it couldn't be too difficult with the right software, so I did a quick Google search and found a WinAmp plugin called Streamripper. I installed it and managed to get most of her show except for her initial announcement, a little bit in the middle, and her ending announcement got cut off. The ripper created 10 files, and I had to figure out what order they went in and rename the files a bit to get them in order. I played it back and it sounds pretty decent. Next time I try to record a show, I'm pretty sure I set an option so the program will just create one file. Her show was just under an hour, and the files totalled just under 10 Mb. Frankly I was surprised I could get things to work so quickly, even if not perfectly. Oh, and the Streamripper is freeware, which is always nice. Next time I'll try to record a whole song both before and after the start of a program and maybe that will capture both opening and closing announcements.

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