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Meditate, is to come in silent prayer… is to dispose yourself to listen to the melody of the energy that you vibrate… Meditate, is the action devoid of fear of know yourself… of know who you are… what you are…
Meditate is delivery… is loving and accept yourself…
Meditate is come into contact with the deepest of you… your essence!

When you allow to immerse in the silence of meditation, you allow that your Being be stillness in a aware dive in Soul..
You allow to be bless with Divine blessings of Love, serenity, tranquility, peace, harmony… and many more that will make your internal Being lighten up and to shine, to intone the vibration of eternal gratitude.
And all you have to do is to dispose yourself to enter in the silence, directing all your attention on one simple moment, to the inner of yourself.
In doing so, you allow that your soul is released from the mooring cables of the physical body, such as colorful butterfly flying after become free from the cocoon.
You allow that adjustments be made without anything more you have to worry about besides to dispose yourself to hear the sound of your silence.
Believe, that even the silence have sound… the sound of the vibrant energy that you are… the sound of the energy of the colors that your Aura emit… and the more profound you immerse… deeper and beautiful will be the sound that will echo throughout your Being.

If when you allow to be on the brink of the ocean, seeing all the grandeur and harmony of the merger between the ocean and the sky, you wonder with such beauty… you just get a small drop of the immensity of your Being… appropriate words not exist in your dictionary that can describe the feelings that completely will flood you… that could define the beauty and grandeur of your internal Being… size will be the treasure contained in you, full of brightness of incandescent precious stones that sparkle within your heart, which only you can achieve.
And when finally access to let you dive… you'll find a world as vast as the vastness of the universe… where pearls of wisdom and understanding will be offered to you as you go deep with your Being in this silent melody…

Because to meditate, it is allow yourself to dive in to the big ocean that gives life to your body… YOUR SOUL!

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