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Clannad, De Dannan and Grada - New Squidoo Lenses

Over the past few days I've added three new lenses to my Squidoo set of Celtic Music lenses. There are now 18 lenses for artists and groups, plus one for The Thistle & Shamrock,, and the Celtic Music Lenses lens which lists all the others.

I was a bit surprised that there wasn't more extensive information available online for De Dannan, but I did what I could with what I found. While listening to, I heard a tune by Grada and decided to see what Amazon had for them. Being a relatively new group, they only have three albums out, and Amazon had them all, so I created a lens for them. Clannad, on the other hand, has 20 albums on Amazon, and there was a lot more info about them online.

The De Dannan lens had an amusing element to it. The group started out with the name Dé Danann, with the accent over the "e" and two "n"s at the end. By the time they recorded Ballroom they had changed it a bit to De Dannan, dropping the accent and shifting an "n" to the middle. I like getting my spellings right, so this was a little confusing at first. Also, it didn't help that Amazon has decided to list all their albums under the name De Danann, without the accent and with the two "n"s at the end, sort of a hybrid of the two spellings. OK, I could deal with that, and I used the spellings in effect for the time I was writing about. But there was a further complication. Squidoo doesn't deal with accents consistently. Sometimes, when I cut and pasted the accented version into the lens, it would look fine. At other times, I'd get some weird characters. Some headlines were OK, others weren't. Some text worked fine, and in other places it didn't. It was hard to keep track of where I could use it.

In the future, I doubt I'll start multiple lenses at once. Starting six in one evening seemed like a good idea, but as time went on, I felt like I needed to finish them all. In the meantime, I ended up starting and finishing at least a couple of other lenses before finishing the last of the six.

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