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New Lenses for Enya & Silly Wizard

I was only going to do one lens today, the one for Enya. But as I was looking up information for her, I realized she hasn't released as many albums as I thought, and somehow I found myself looking at what Amazon offers for Silly Wizard.

I got Enya's lens done in plenty of time to get to work on Silly Wizard's. Amazon is offering five of their albums directly from them, plus MP3 downloads of those five, plus two more are available from them through third party partners. I didn't find a good YouTube video of the whole group, but there was a great one of Johnny and Phil Cunningham tearing into some very lively music with the fastest fingers you're ever likely to see.

The Celtic Music - Lenses lens was updated as well, of course. Counting that, I'm now up to 16 lenses, and I still have four that I got some basic work done on the other day, so when those are done, there will be 20. Or more, if I get distracted again.

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Comment by MobyD on May 17, 2008 at 6:26 makes space available for free for people to publish web pages. Squidoo likes to call these pages "lenses" because they encourage people to focus in on a subject about which they have knowledge. Follow one of my links - I'd recommend my "Celtic Music: Lenses" - to see what I've done, and from there you can navigate to other peoples' lenses.

As you can tell from this blog, my focus has been on Celtic music since around April 21, but I have lenses/pages on other subjects like science fiction authors, the science fiction Hugo and Nebula awards, and other authors, plus some occasionally off-the-wall things like the Kit Kat Clock. (And I don't even own a Kit Kat Clock!) I've got over 40 lenses in all.

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