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Hangover: noun (singular) illness caused by a previous bout of heavy drinking

Ok, so I wouldn't call what I'm experiencing a hangover, by definition, I mean, it was only a glass of wine and a martini, but I had a cigar, too, and that's probably why I'm feeling a wee bit out of shape. Oh, and I was enjoying my cigar while pulling out potato vines that have managed to overwhelm our patio. Maybe "potato vine" is what they're calling kudzu these days. In the end, I saved the rose bushes that were being engrossed and reclaimed about a third of our patio. Yay, me!

Wife's Grandmother is coming to visit from Oregon. She's a nice lady and I enjoy talking with her. I'm hoping to impress her with my new bread-making skills. Might be hard to do as she's a fantastic baker. It'll be nice to have her over, but the crap that her visit stirs up between my wife, her mom, her sister, and her cousin sucks. the wife/mom team is always pitted against the sister/cousin team. Her sister and cousin are both raging maniacal bitches (sorry, those of you with delicate eyes, there's just no other word that properly describes them.) Wife and Mother-in-law are both very sensitive and giving, whereas sister-in-law and Wife's cousin are both devious and selfish. They're interested in seeing Grandmother only to jockey for position and get remembered during will-writing. It's upsetting that Wife forgets this and gets hurt.

We pick Grandmother up this weekend. I think we may be taking a drive up to Placerville for the day. She mentioned wanting to get a Hangtown fry, which sounds great to me. (Hangtown fry - it's kind of like an omelet made with eggs fried oysters, and bacon. Very great!) It'll be a good visit.

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