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The ship came sailing in;
Upon its magnificent deck,
rested a cargo of fine silver and gold trinkets.
The many shapes and colors of precious gems
glistened from within the depths of huge trunks.
The laughter of evil men rang out across the quiet
vastness of the sea.
Their greedy eyes devoured what was rightfully ours,
while their blood splattered hands molested our very souls;
(As) we the crew silently prepared to die at the hands
of these rugged thieves from the sea,
I heard myself begin to pray.
As the murderers came upon us,
one last breath, I did inhale
before it too, was my turn to face the blade.
I looked into a pirate's eyes
and he smiles as I died...
Their victory
Quite simply
Our defeat.

Felicia Maisey
Copyright ©2008 Felicia M. Maisey

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