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It's time to turn off the news for a while.

I've noticed how my attitude changes when I listen to too much news on the radio or see too much of it on the television. Mind you, I don't watch much TV anyway, but I do read a lot of news and listen to the radio all day. If I were to take all of the news of the day as defining the state of the world, I'd have to say we're pretty much f#@ked. That kind of gets me down and I'm sure it does many others. I get pissed that nothing really seems to change for the better and that our leaders are reliant upon this stalemate and perpetuate it. Sometimes it feels like the country and he world are both crashing down around me and my family.

But THEN... something cool happens. Sometimes it's a beautiful sunrise, sometimes it's a great song, sometimes it's the smell orange blossoms. Small things like this seem to put all the bad crap back in perspective and I remember that for every really bad thing out there, there's a hundred good things that make the bad pale in comparison.

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Comment by Felicia on April 29, 2008 at 21:03
I stopped watching the news around thwe time of 911. I had friends and colleagues in New York. I visit the site wehenever I am there, not as some spectackle, but as something that makes me know that the world is soemthing to be reckoned with--that there is evil and there is renewal. Then I look for a grandparent or a babay, and it keeps me sane. To live a ripe old age or to be new and untainted--that is beauty. To smell salt in the shore air, and to feel sand underfoot not hidden in shoes or to look into the eyes of my children--that is beauty. It is important to know the pain that is relaity, but you have captured trememndous love and beauty in your photographs--think of it as your bouquet and the ills as yellow jackets--helps keep the sting at bay : )

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