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I just submitted a request for my finals to be administered. I'll be taking Contracts first, then Torts, and the Criminal, all on three consecutive Mondays. These are all-day exams so I have to take a full day of work off for each. Total drag, since I burned through all my PTO when I had pneumonia. After I take these exams, it's on to the Baby Bar exam in July. That's going t be a proper bitch. Another all-day exam and this one's got a pass rate of only 17% to 20%. Two weeks ago I took an exam called The Fundamentals of Engineering - this is yet another all-day exam, administered to people who've just graduated 6 years of engineering school. Funny thing, though - I didn't go to school for engineering. In fact, you could say I went to school for the booze, drugs, and chicks, three course in which I excelled in. I feel pretty good about the FE, though. I wasn't any more beaten down than the professional engineers that were taking it. We'll see how I did in July, when I get the results. So many exams, so little time. I'm starting to become a test junkie - the adrenaline gets me off! Sick, huh?

Someday... SOMEDAY... I'll have a weekend sans studying.

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