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Eurovision Song Contest, Norway 8th May 1996..... I was 8 years old that day and like the whole Greece, I was watching the contest on TV. Being in that young age, you can't realise very well the songs and the whole contest had no interest for me..But suddenly I heard a song which fascinated me a lot. The name of the country was "Ireland", and there was a woman with a fantastic voice and a man who was playing "a weird drum" (i didn't know anything about bodhran then...). It was Eimear Quinn with her wonderful song "The Voice". From this day, this unknown country, which was located at world's end in my imagination, Ireland, became something special for me.

The years had passed and as a result of that, my interest for Ireland had "frozen". Throughout those years I didn't have the opportunity to "grow" my interest. I had total ignorance about Ireland and the only thing which had been reminding Ireland, was that bewitching song....

But the fate wanted this song contest to revive my "passion" about this country... "Congratulations Eurovision" . A special show, organised to commemorate the Eurovision Song Contest's fiftieth anniversary on October 2005. I was 17yrs old then, and the word "Ireland" had disappeared from my mind. During the interval act, a group of people appeared. They were wearing green clothes and they were standing in a straight line. -"Are they dancers?" I wondered.. My question answered immediately. A message on TV wrote "Riverdance"..- "Riverdance? What the hell is that??" I was curious to find out, what those "dance in the river" was.... Suddenly, the music and the dance started. I stayed speechless admiring the "miracle". 20 people doing the same extremely fast movements at the same time. It was something magical and unbelievable. I was really "fell in love with the music" also. When the show had ended, I ran to my computer to search about "Riverdance". My search revealed the word "Ireland"... From this time the connection with the past had completed. From "The Voice" to "Riverdance". In a moment, my interest about Ireland revived and extremely growed up! I wanted to learn everything about Irish culture and listening to that wonderful music again...

Well, my "race for information" was successful. I had started reading many things about Irish ancient history, culture and modern history via Internet. But, something was missing, the music. I couldn't find anywhere Irish music..(I found only some bagpipes from "Braveheart" O.S.T.). Buying Irish music in Greece, it the same like Greek word of wisdom: "Searching in hay for germs....". My search for music, ended up on July 2007, when I came across with this fantastic website / radio station, LiveIreland. From those month, I listen to LiveIreland approximately every day....Thanks to LiveIreland, my "love" for Ireland became part of my everyday life and as a result of that I became "the mad guy who listens Irish music and drinks this horrible beer, Guinness" .. Well, I don't care a lot about what others say..... I feel like an Irish in Greece!!!!

Thank you LiveIreland!


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Comment by Karen Lynch on October 19, 2008 at 23:10
Well said Jim (Demitris). "The heart wants what the heart wants." I completely feel the same way. Even though my grandparent's are from Ireland, I have yet visit it. I have family there but do not know where. I long to go there and I look forward to it. But until that day, I listen to Live Ireland daily and am trying to learn the language, but don't get much practice with home and work and family, etc. Take care and we'll talk to you in the chat room! ~Karen

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