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1. I.
1. Tá Máirtín ansin.

Máirtín is there.

2. Tá sé ansin anois.

He is now there now.

3. Tá Cáit ansin freisin.

Cáit is there too.

4. Tá sí ansin freisin.

She is there too.

5. An bhfuil siad sásta ?

Are they satisfied?

6. Tá seisean sásta, ach níl sise sásta.

He is satisfied, but she is not satisfied.

7. Tá mé anseo.

I am here.

8. Tá muid anseo.

We are here.

9. Tá mise sásta ach an bhfuil tusa sásta ?

I am satisfied but are you satisfied?

10. Níl sibh anseo anois.

You all are not here now.

11. Nach bhfuil duine ar bith sásta ?

Are Isn't anybody any people satisfied?

12. Niltear sásta anseo anois.

People are not satisfied here now.

2. II.
1. Tá teach ansin.

The house is there.

2. An bhfuil duine ar bith ann ?

Are any people there? Is there anyone there?

3. Níl duine ar bith ann anois.

There aren't any people isn't anybody at all there now.

4. Deir siad nach bhfuil Cáit ann anois.

They say is Cáit there now. They say that Cáit isn't there now.

5. Ach an bhfuil Bríd ann anois.

But is Bríd there now?

6. Níl Bríd ann ach a oiread.

Bríd is not there either.

7. Tá doras anseo.

The door is here. There is a door here.

8. Tá bord agus lampa ansin.

The table and lamp are there. There is a table and a lamp there.

9. Tá cupáin agus rudaí eile ansin feisin.

The cup and other thing are here too. There are cups and other things there too.

10. Deir siad go bhfuil múinteoir anseo anois.

They say that the teacher is here now. They say that there is a teacher here now.

11. Tá muide sásta, ach an bhfuil siadsan sásta ?

We are satisfied, but are they satisfied?

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Comment by Robert Brady on March 21, 2008 at 2:53
Cristina, Wow, you're off to a great start! This is just what I like to see in the blogs. I'm a little behind on mine because I'm working on new content for the group. I'll be adding a Quizlet to the groups. You'll se it in the Quick links when it is ready. It's a flashcard / quiz program and it's awesome. I think everyone will love it.

Slán go fóill!

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