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What should I be doing? Well, I should be editing/rewriting my massive-research-essay-project analysis-thing . . . however, I've somehow convinced myself that my last hour before my brain reboots would be better spent blogging and making my mark on my LiveIreland page that I've sadly been neglecting lately. School keeps me plenty busy, but my hobbies and obsessions make sure to never let me have any down time, which is fine since I'm not to fond of my massive-research-essay-project-analysis-thing anyway . . . Besides, this bad procrastination habit of mine actually helps me get things done accurately, crazy as it sounds. I work quite well under pressure.

Seriously, if it wasn't for the last minute, I'd never get anything done!

Anywho, as my play list flips between unique combinations of Rascal Flatts, Enya, Celtic Woman, Great Big Sea, and Brian Adams, I've been trying to think of a way to work out a new art project I have in store for myself. I made a picture previous to this of a kelpie complete with an intricate, tedious, I'm-going-to-shoot-myself-before-this-project-is-over knotwork border that I was really excited to do (and I'm quite proud of how it turned out, actually!) and apprantly it became a hit with numerous teachers because I've been asked to do another picture with a bit of "celtic flare" (as they so kindly put it) and they are going to pay me for it as well.

Heck, ignore the hand-cramps! I'm in! :)

But this time, she says, she wants me to do a "Scottish themed" picture. Wow, general . . . so I'm trying to compile and throw stuff together a create a Scottish themed picture- with "celtic flare." Yeah, I'm excited! At the same time I'm working on a picture of an old boat from Connemara (if I butchered the spelling, I humbly apologize,)

On another note, I've been working to expand my Gaelic as I'm sure so many others on here are trying to do as well. I'm getting better- currently trying to get a handle on pronunciation rules that are so drastically from English and French but it's starting to stick. However, since I have had to take a foriegn language class this year, I've been having some serious issues trying to seperate French and Gaelic and, well, needless to say, I am now speaking a mix of the two which I have so "wittingly" labled, "Fraelic."

Note to self; never AGAIN try and learn two languages at once. It doesn't work.

I'm surprised my French teacher hasn't died of laughter yet- it never fails; when he asks someone to name the colors in French, I confidently speak up and instead of saying, "Rogue, Bleu, Nuir . . ." I'm happily chanting, "Dearg, Gorm, Dubh . . ." wondering why in the world he is giving me a look of sadness, confusion, and, well, pity . . . not to mention he is trying very VERY hard not to burst out laughing at his poor, deranged student that for some reason is speaking jibberish. I am doing really well otherwise, though. I have a 107% so far . . . can't beat that!

So, I shall end my current ramblings here for now . . . hopefully I will continue to post!
Well, as long as there are essays in the future, there will be more blog posts! Assuming someone will read them . . . if you blog and no one reads, does that mean you're talking . . . or writing, rather . . . to yourself? Oo . . . the thoughts that boggle the mind . . . Ah well, I shall be off then!

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Comment by Auntie Jule on October 16, 2008 at 0:26
Ahoj! This does helps me to know thy sweet niece or neice, which is it? To thine own family be true. Be in thy corner no matter (what) you do. Love thee through and through.
Old Czech Poem. AJ

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