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Where the heck am I and what am I doing?

Most regular chatters at LI know that I can't access LI from my workplace... but hey, thats not a problem today. I am at a conference work send me to and at least their WiFi lets me get here! :)

Waiting for the next session of the Lotusphere 2008 to start I thought I blog a bit.

Have you ever been to a conference? I have been to large trade shows in Germany where i am from originally, but not a conference like this. It has "only" 7000+ attendees, but thats still quite a crowd! Its in Orlando, FL so the weather sure is a bonus. Althought with days in sessions from 7:30 am to 6 or 7 pm you don't get that much of that....

The Hotel/Resort my 2 coworkers and I are staying at is kinda odd too...its called Port Orleans Riverside and is modelled after a Louisiana Bayou... supposedly even sometimes with Alligators... the cottages are spread out quite a bit and I sure get a lot of walking exercise this week!!

Took some pictures and videos with my camera phone and will post those either as soon as I find out how to connect my phone via bluetooth to my laptop or onces I am home.

Ok more later, might put some techie posts here too for my coworkers ;)

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Comment by Rusty on January 24, 2008 at 18:16
That is boring. I actually fell out of my chair and hit my head about halfway through. Wait...that was your point wasn't it? Yes, I am funny. Check in sometime on my page.
Take care,

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