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Thank Goddess the Season of Cheer is Over

Finally, all the hype by advertisers for Xmas is gone, and gone with it the ads for booze and partying that go with New Year. To my great relief. I loathe Xmas - the expectations, the traumatic childhood memories, the shops full of carols and the drunken rioting by youth-on-the-Xmas-excuse, rampaging. Uggh.

However, on a lighter note, I've clocked the earliest hype for Easter that I've yet seen. K-mart, an Aussie grocery and cheap department store chain, has had Red Tulip Chocolate Bunnies on display for a week now. Now being the second week in January. Hmmmm.

As soon as my annual SAD (season-of-cheer affective depression-disorder) passes - I promise to make the next blog full of cute pics. and handmade jewellery.

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