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Eve of New Years Eve in the Lounge

The Pub with No beer! Who took all the drink? Own up now and nobody gets in trouble!

Tonight in the lounge we try to get noisy on water (since all the beer is gone!) and look back on 2007 and vote the best song on LiveIreland for 2007

Then predictions for 2008.... funny ones please

Politics is allowed!


USA gets a new President Rikki. She plans to do a lot for the country placing a free ticket to Dublin in every mailbox. As the whole of the USA travels to Ireland, Ireland begins to sink. Its blamed on Global warming. A Coup is organised against Rikki and Al Gore (Vice President) is immediately sworn in to help the crisis.

Australia starts hunting Whales (Sorry Gregory!)

All Summer Vacations will be at LEAST 10 weeks long

ufos will become accepted fact after aliens land in County Roscommon , in Ireland, although they’ll go unnoticed for a few days.

the beatles will finally reunite… when paul and ringo are killed by a series of coincidental e-coli incidents

By February Ireland is Under the Sea along with the Millennium Clock and the E-Voting Machines. The HSE begins to formulate plans for breathing apartus' for the New Ireland.

The Stonehenge pillars all fall together in one circle. It is counted as a miracle. World Peace is declared. By March we find out that former President Bush and Osama Bin Laden are related through a blood chain that began in Israel.

JK Rowling is taken to court by Dan Brown. Brown claims he had the idea of a series of books on a boy wizzard before rowling. The case continues right up until Christmas Day.

Scientists in Egypt find out that the pyramids were actually stale pieces of cheese left over from the times of the dinosaurs.

A train system will be built between the east coast of the US and under water Ireland. Transport Ministers in Ireland are praise by the Japanese who wished they had such a system. The Japanese begin transport 2009 which will see them linked up to California. Arnold Swazzeneger is not happy with the increase of Asians in the state and begins lobbying for new laws on the border.

Happy New Year All!

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Comment by Melo on January 21, 2008 at 14:09
Hello Justin!! I h ope all is going well with school. I never seem to catch you on L I anymore-- and I miss your show!! You always have such good and fun topics of conversation! Take care and Hugs to ya!!
Comment by Justin Dawson on December 30, 2007 at 19:41
Thanks for all the comments to the show guys!

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