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I am always interested in hearing from people who are interested in moving to Ireland...i like our cottage in County Tipperary because it reminds me of the place where i grew up i Western Pennsylvania..... a place that no longer exist....a few years ago i revisited my beloved valley in the rural area just north of the city of Pittsburgh. BUT it is "rural' no more...nothing remained to remind me of the place of my youth that i loved so dearly....

what a joy it was to find in Ireland a landscape that was so similiar and also a culture that is more in tune with how i percieved america in the 40s and 50s than you find in America today.

one of the best things about Ireland is that it is NOT america...the sad thing about Ireland is that it is becoming America...


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Comment by bob leonard on January 1, 2008 at 22:52
if i would have had to hire people to refurbish the place for me i would have most dertainly died of frustration....we had to rely on local help just a few times.....which meant weeks of promised appearances that never started then not finished for many that should take only a few hours being dragged over many days.....
it took 6 MONTHS to get an account with the electric company straightened took 2 YEARS to get the property documents all recorded and finalized. Our mobile after we bought it sat in the driveway for 3 weeks after the fellow promised to show up and move it to site....
a friend of ours had a new house built for took the contracter 2 years to finish the job...and she spent hours on the phone with him over countless delays over that time just trying to get the job speeded up....public works projects drag on even took 2 years to expand the boat docks at Gary Kennedy....the latrines facilities have not even been opened after three years....for lack of a connection to the sewage system in the area...

there is plenty of work in Ireland..they have been adding about 60,000 new jobs a year and many foreign workers live in Ireland now....10 % of the poulation is emigrants...population has grown by anout one million in the past ten years...most of it in Dublin...some in the other larger cities...cities are spreading out into the county and the country people dont like it...the roads are pretty poor and there are a lot more cars on the highways....gridlock is common in th ecities and larger towns...
houses are very expensive and it is difficult to get permission to build in rural areas...even if you own the land. Elizabeth and i have been lucky in EVERY way with our five years ( part time ) in has been largely a very positive experience for us. unbelieveably so.

for us it has been the right time and the right place...maybe we were JUST lucky. bob
Comment by Sandy on December 27, 2007 at 23:05
Ack! Sorry if I got a little preachy there *steps down off soap box*
didn't mean to....I'm not entirely pleased with America in general either at the moment and am not so happy when people seem to be picking up Our habbits either! I can totally understand wanting to "get away" from things sometimes.
LOVE the cottage by the way! That's awesome that you guys fixed it up so much from what it was when you bought it! Amazing job!

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