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Love of Irish Music - LOUD live music opportunities and back to banjo-revilry!


Indeed, very amazing and am quite chuffed with them now - they seem to have enjoyed the rest and noware playing back with their usual relatively painless feel (hard strings are never easy!!). And so mostly enjoying playing along to tunes, my Parrot singing for all he's worth to the songs (he loves loud up-tempo trad!) and my wife and the neighbours generally being less than chuffed with my revitalised playing mood.

Next week then things start rife for the live-music build up to Christmas. Not playing myself but am lucky enough to be seeing Blood or Whiskey (loud punk-rock dublin band similar to post-pogues music for those who don't know them) in Bristol UK next week, but before that theres a great chance to see Flatfoot56 (similar to BorW!!) earlier in the week, supported by the best west country ensemble 'Surfin Turnips' (again see BorW!). Then on Friday its back to calming trad in my local pub, on the river in the middle of the countryside for a general session. I am just som amazed at how diverse this Celtic-genre can be, all similar instruments and all similar in structure and composition, but what a massave variety you can get from adding electrics, a driving bass line (or not) and some added volume!! Isn't Irish music just awesome.

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