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Well, my first time blogging -

"The Hobbit" opened Saturday and the crowd was nearly a sellout..!!! The director said it was the first time the Children's Theatre EVER sold balcony seats..!! Dress rehearsal on Thursday was a train wreck, Friday's rehearsal went much better - and, as often is the case, the MAGIC happened on Saturday - the kids were absolutely phenomenal..!! (and the old man remembered almost all his lines and cues)

Then - guess what..?? Sunday afternoon, we did it again..!! Not quite a sellout, but again there were folks in the balcony..!! The crowds were VERY appreciative, with cheers for Smaug the dragon whenever he made his entrance..!! The director said, and I totally agree, that it is fantastic to see present-day kids, with their cell phones, video games and all that, who are excited about a BOOK that was written 70 years ago..!!

We were really fortunate to be able to get the rights to do it, what with the controversy between New Line Cinema and the director. Now we hear that all has been settled, and they're going to do "the Hobbit" as a full-length feature film, which means that the rights to perform the play won't be available for several years hence.

At any rate, we have one more performance this Saturday - I'll keep ya posted..!! Ta..!!

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Comment by Suga d`Arg on October 18, 2007 at 20:45
hey! i have my tickets here!!!
i want my money back!!
LOL.. (i`m kidding)
i`m still dreaming about going there...
(well it`s free..) we can dream all that we want, can`t we?
hope some say i`ll see you acting..!!! (i`m sure)
Hugs my Abu!!
Peque SugA
Comment by Carol on October 16, 2007 at 3:46
Dab...real nice pictures and wonderful story here...Wished I could of seen your play! It sounded so Wonderrful...

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