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Well alas this morning the unthinkable happened. At about 11pm last night I was sharing a beer with a friend when I cut my right hand - just on my fingers. Nothing bad at all but it does limit the finger motion over hard strings! Hense my hose is now quiet for the sound of Banjo. It will be a few days yet before I am able to play again I think and I miss my tunes immensely.

Of course the other moment was from a few too many beers last night and hense spent a tired night in a hotel - work is work these days and it keeps me away from home as much as it takes more and more of my free time. At least things will be winding up even more over the next few weeks as Christmas approaches. Culminating in December weeks where I have some cracking gigs to go to - Blood Or Whiskey in Bristol UK for one!

Other than that I sit and nurse my hand (and my head!) and wait until I can make some drastic banjo-tastic music again! I sspect it will be at least until after the weekend.

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Comment by JoanMarie on August 6, 2008 at 22:29
Hope you get well soon! Even if you can't play the music right now, I'm sure you can think about new music that you can compose. :)

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