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And here is the fun and frolics that came up on the Lounge Tonight from 7-8pm GMT

Opening song: Flook Pressed for time

JK & Keith enter the bar looking quiet.... waiting for an intro to LiveIreland

Streaming of the webcam amused all.

Dave from Louisana joins the party with Mystic Meq - who we are still trying to find out whats Mystic about her

Tia and Arco - the regulars join the party and get it fully started!

Greetia claims Delany's Donkey and gives me a pint for my sins

Men are from Mars - Women are from Jupiter - ask GreenTia.... who tells me that shorts are a norm at the mo in winter time USA!?!

We learn want santa's bringing our listeners. Coal to most for their behaviour in the longue earlier this year.

We learn its the norm in the US to ask for an apt for xmas at 17 yrs of age. Money does actually grow on trees.

And as the regulars get drunk. We have a great conversation on the Irish Property ladder!

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