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Having difficulty typing. A storm is brewing outside and will have to turn off PC soon. Trembling Shih-tzu (who's scared of storms) glued to lap and getting in the way of the keyboard. Mind you, when the big tsunami they keep predicting hits Oz one day, the Shih-tzu will have warned me by the terrified act and we'll make sure to avoid Sydney for a while (thus avoiding the seaside) and escape it all.

Creative notes - Finished a viking weave bracelet last night, but lost it in the hallway when I went to fetch a file - which should give you a clue about the state of the hallway. Reverted to wire jig components and made another bracelet this morning. Viking weave very easy to do, double over 4 pieces of wire, then wind them all around each other. But once you get to the end you're on your own in regards to finding suitable connectors. The traditional ones look like they soldered sheet metal onto the ends.

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