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Invading London

Last Christmas Eve, in my hometown, a number of choirs teamed up to sing together. A couple of musicians from the Music Union I'm also with, supported them. Amongst the listeners were a number of Assyrians (The are several Assyrian communities in the Netherlands). They happened to be members of an Assyrian choir, and liked what they heard. After the "concert", an Assyrian delegation asked the musicians if they were willing to support their choir on a very special occasion. They had been… Continue

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Dutch Culture 3: Santa Claus?

First of all I would like to apologise if the large pictures cause you any trouble in reading my blog. I do not know how to compress them.

In the English-speaking world, christmas is the most important feast towards the end of the year. People exchange gifts, undertake all kinds of christmas activities and children believe heartily in the existence of Santa Claus...

In the Netherlands, christmas is celebrated too, but the focus is not so much on the exchange of gifts… Continue

Added by Martin (NL) on November 11, 2008 at 23:30 — 2 Comments

Dutch Culture 2: The Orange Feeling

The reason for this blog is the European Soccer (football) Championships, which is the current big sports event that nearly every dutchman has his mind set on, this year hosted by Austria and Switzerland.

The Dutch team:

Whenever large groups of Dutch (go abroad to) suppport a national sports team (really, any sport), they dress up in all kinds of various ridiculous costumes that vary each year, although some remain popular… Continue

Added by Martin (NL) on June 9, 2008 at 11:00 — 4 Comments

Dutch Culture 1: Driving in NL

Right so, I haven't uploaded a blog before, so I hereby got blog-deflowered or (b)logged, so to say :)

I decided to use this (irregular or infrequent) blog to explain some features of Dutch culture to the world.

I just received a text message from my girl friend that she's finally passed the driving exams, and so she can go pick up her license and drive out and about the country. I can almost hear the people on LI who know me thinking: But isn't he about 22 years old, so his… Continue

Added by Martin (NL) on May 26, 2008 at 10:47 — 6 Comments

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