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Dave Page - Uillean Piper

I would like to introduce you to Mr. Dave Page, the grand-father of Gregory Page (I posted a video by Mr. Gregory Page a few days ago). Dave Page was an Uillan Piper from Ireland and I think although he died in 1987 he really deserves to be remembered.

His grand-son Gregory Page created a web site about him where you can find info about his life and free downloads as well. …


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I missed this place...

Thanks to all for the lovely b-day wishes. They were much appreciated.

It's not easy for me to come back, my life is still not the way I want it to be. I miss Ireland and it hurts to know that I had the opportunity to go back for a one week vacation - but I can't. My job is still at stake, due to the financial crisis we only have a 'four days week', that means the lack of some of my income is hard to catch (hope that term is correct).

And - my 'soon to be ex-husband' and I once had a… Continue

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To all the lovely folks...

I'm sorry that I wasn't participating for so long. But there were some things I had to cut down due to lack of time. Hopefully it'll get better soon.

Thanks to all who wrote - I will answer, soon. I promise.

I'm looking forward to fog and dew and new autumn photos...

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...that I wasn't really communicating lately. A lot of other things to do with higher priorities...

I will fly to Spain tomorrow morning - very early. My stepfather is there and I will take him home with his car, because he's afraid to drive the long way back on his own.

So - take care and behave ;)…


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Life is like a roller coaster right now...

If it wasn't tragically I would say it's funny - I never imagined that my plans, my hopes and my dreams for the future could be completely destroyed within a blink of an eye. The last years haven't been easy - and I was looking forward to some peace and some rest. Now it seems that I don't deserve it.

The next few weeks will show what is going to happen. And I fear that my life will be turned upside down by then. Okay, I guess it already is. And there's nothing I can do to prevent it.… Continue

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