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'This Place Called Ireland'

This goes out to all of my friends or any member of Live Ireland that has had dreams or visions of making it to Ireland some day with a passion that's just burning inside. I do have a dream,a vision and a passion and it's all for 'THIS PLACE CALLED IRELAND'

This Place Called Ireland

"So peaceful and calmly this place it seems to be,

Yet I stare at it sadly for its thru a picture I see,

this land far,far away from mine

I watch the clock in patient… Continue

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What's Luck Got to Do with it?

What's Luck Got to Do with it?

To some people, success is based onluck, a chance throw of the dice, a random whim of fate. But in reality, luck has nothing to do with it.

Yes, there are occasions when success can be influenced to some degree by "luck" but it cannot be said that "luck" is an accident.

These are the "good luck" principles:

Know clearly what you want-- If you don't know where you are going, how will you know when you get there?

Have… Continue

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The pro and cons of marrying an Irishman...


a. Family is extremely important to an Irishman. Family is the core of an Irish man’s masculinity and the more children he has the more masculine he feels.

b. Irishmen don’t sweat the small stuff. An Irishman has surprisingly great coping strategies. Stress isn’t in the vocabulary of an Irishman, chilled and relaxed is the way he embraces life.

c. An Irishman will go out of his way to do nice things for people who are important… Continue

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