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Today I am feeling a little like torpid, two days ago I knew that a friend has died in the same month that my mother died, and this maybe explain some things that I felted and could not understand.

When I went to see my sister almost two months ago on her birthday, I take with me some photos of us to give to my sister and to him, and wanted to see him, I even ask my sister, as they were good friends and she knew where was his house, to take me there, but she was not willing with the same… Continue

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The existence of soulmates are real. And the emotions and spiritual experiences very intense and deeply like no other.

But, not always even when we find our soulmate we stay with him/her.

So, when we find our soulmate but we cant stay with him/her, the only thing you can do is to feel the pain. Feeling it and living it in all is context. You have to feel it, because to feel it is the only way to let go the pain and in this way learn to… Continue

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Last year I return to my home town, and during the local festivities I see the tradition became allied of the badness of some ignorant persons. I was surprised because, I came to live for one of the streets where the bulls are released during the local festivities, because it is near to the square of bulls, and for some hours people can play with the bull(s). Never thought I could seen people treat so badly the animals, and it real made me be very… Continue

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Audio in english Meditate (2).wav

Audio em Português Meditar.wav

Meditate, is to come in silent prayer…… Continue

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Audio in Portuguese - Felicidade.wav

Happiness is a sensation that overflows from inside to outside. A feeling of connection with your thrue I, who leave you feel up high.

In state of grace.

The happiness can be unchained by something so simple has much to look at a… Continue

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Look at for the blue of the sky... CONTEMPLATE!

Look at for the flowers of the fields... CONTEMPLATE!

Look at for the grandiosity of the mountains... CONTEMPLATE!

Look at for the birds flying in the sky… CONTEMPLATE!

Look at for the full moon... CONTEMPLATE!

Look at the stars illuminating the night... CONTEMPLATE!

Look at for the ocean... CONTEMPLATE!

Look at sunrise in…

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Unknown Path / Anaithnid Ruthag

Sometimes on the path of life we come to a point that we can not reverse. Called the point of no return... We hesitate to go forward, with afraid to take a step forward, when faced with the unknown. But, from that called point of no return, we can no longer go back. Stop it is impossible... Then, we can only move forward... Even if it is to enter in a world that until then, we were unaware of the… Continue

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