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Happy (Celtic) New Year!

Halloween is oíche shamhna, Samhain night, New Year's Eve. In that time between the end of the last day of the old year and the first light of the new ghosts may walk, the púca rides the countryside and anything may be abroad!

The púca, or pooka, is said to blight all fruits not harvested by tomorrow morning, making them unedible (you probably don't want to know how he does this, as it involves bodily fluids). But then, all the harvest should be in by now--turf… Continue

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An introductory language lesson

Irish Gaelic is usually just called Irish; usually Gaelic means Scots Gaelic, a cousin language that is close, but not identical. The spelling was standardized in the 20th century, but the pronunciation wasn't, so there will be regional differences--there are at least three major dialects in Ireland. More on that another time.

But now, enough Irish for the chat room. No, there aren't many Irish speakers in the LiveIreland chat room, but some of us do like to use a touch of the… Continue

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The Irish Wake

Back in 2001, my Irish language teacher came up with the idea of our Gaelic League group sponsoring a cultural tent at the Dublin Irish Festival. He wanted a Wake House, a place where we could recreate the wakes of days gone by with music, stories, get the idea. Well, I volunteered to create the "corpse"--a stuffed body that my kids dubbed "Grandpa Lumpy" and I made up a tombstone (foam, a magic marker and some stone-look spray paint). After a bit of research, I also worked up a… Continue

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Hi, LiveIreland folks!

Okay, so I finally found this place (yeah, I's still beta, but beta is better than nada!) when I found a few round tuits, I'll try to write more.

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The Dublin Irish Festival

For those of you not familiar with begin with, Dublin is a suburb of Columbus, Ohio, but a city in its own right with a population of over 30,000. The festival began in 1987, celebrating the 1000th anniversary of the founding of the city of Baile atha Cliath (that's the real Dublin!) and the first anniversary of Dublin, Ohio becoming a city (up from a village). The 2007 festival hit attendance records with over 93,000 visitors (more than 50,000 on Saturday alone!) and we had a… Continue

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