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Daeoin Arlson's Blog – August 2008 Archive (6)

Telling of The Bride

Here is the Bride poem I was going to write. It came today while trying to write something else. Go figure.

I hope you enjoy,



Telling of The Bride

I tried to write a poem, of a Bride dressed in white

To describe her beauty,

But nothing was right

I wanted it to be from the groom’s point of view,

But no words came to mind

For how she lights up the… Continue

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Poems change

Hello all,

I was working on a poem about how beautiful a bride is as she walks down the ailse. Written from the perspective of the groom as he watches her entering the room and coming toward him.

However, it took a BIG change in direction. I'm thinking this one over before I post it. I know some people come here to read my poems, and I'm not sure if I want to share this one ... yet. I'm giving it a bit of thought. Like many of my other poems, it came rushing out when I started… Continue

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Judge Me Not

This is a poem I have been thinking about today.

I hope you enjoy it.



Judge Me Not

Judge me not for what I am,

But who I am inside

Love me for who I am

I have nothing to hide

Think not bad thoughts, or wish upon me

Things I can not bare

But Look within my heart and soul

And see who I am in there

I am a Mother and a friend

All… Continue

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Inspired to write

I've been inspired to write again. This is something I started yesterday and finished today. It sort of took a turn along the way as I was writting it and now the name I originally had in mind doesn't seem right. So this one will be un-named, until it reveals itself to me.

I hope you enjoy it,



I found something I can not have

Beautiful, lovely, and true

I found something I can… Continue

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Dreaming of You

A little somthing I wrote for someone special. It's not that good, but I thought I would share it anyway. I may even show it to them one day.

I hope you like it,



Dreaming of You

I awoke to the moon and thoughts of you,

Flooding my room and dreams

They both shine brightly within me

Hearing your voice I tremble

Yet find a clam

That eases me

I look forward… Continue

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Well, we don't have it recorded yet, but I wanted to share it with you anyway. Here is the song Tammy and I wrote together. We are still working out the tune a little, but it is starting to sound really good. I hope you enjoy the lyrics.



It's another day with the sun sinking low

It's another night that you don't have a place to go

Well baby I could always make you smile

So come and stay with me awhile

Friendship was the… Continue

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