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Cool Site Update @LiveIreland

Wow what is happening here? I love the new look of the site. I see that my friends have increased a bit. I chatted with my friend from Dublin Donie Ryan. He is a painter and he lives a few minutes away from Enya's castle. I will be featuring his paintings on my blog. I wish to spread the good word around too.

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Jenny Mulvey Interview

At last! Anyone who likes listening to Jenny Mulvey will love this article I posted on my music blog:

I am done. It's a weekend ! Been listening to Julie Fowlis the whole day.

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So happy with the results!

Last time I posted an interview with our very own Daithi. The other day I posted an interview with with Loic the Frenchman who is an electronic musician. I sent him an email interview and then he got back to me after the next day with good answers. This weekend I will be covering Jenny Mulvey so I hope you stay tunes.

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Interview coming up soon

i sent some questions to Daithi to answer. I will be putting up an interview in my music blog
i recently joined the blogger's forum and it gets the word around.

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Ireland's Music Awards (August1, 2009)

Have you made a vote yet? IMA is happening this 1st of August and it is one of the most important event in traditional music. There will be interesting names performing like The High Kings and Damien Dempsey. For more information, visit

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Altan-The Red Crow

I am crazy about this album. I have read a good review about this way back 1991 and it is only now that I got the album. So beautiful and magical. I love the track The Flower of Magherally because Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh has a voice of an angel.

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Been having a mild case of flu. Not something to be alarmed about. My remedy? More glasses of orange juice for vitamin C and Lunasa's The Other World album which I reviewed on my blog.

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More Irish artists

I am so glad to announce that my blog now has 1,355 hits and still climbing.I make sure I submit my stuff to, and after writing them to insure that the story gets passed around on the web.

So far today hasn't been eventful except with some squabble in the house. I hate old grumpy people.Been listening to Planxty again.

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Rainy Night

Just dropping by before heading for work. It is a rainy night again. And what batter music to play in this weather but Nightnoise.I think I must have slept the whole day.

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Celtic music charts

If you haven't seen it yet, I posted a topic on my blog about Amazon's hot Celtic albums.
I am currently listening to Iarla O'Lanaird and the Afro Celt Sound System...Beautiful music to greet the morning.

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Attention span

Well I believe that progress has also reduced our attention span level. It would be hard to let somebody go through 'Bleak House' and expect a pleasure of reading.I think less is more in today's world. That's why blogging in a few sentences is such a challenge.

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Sunny sky

Ah we have lots of sun today. Nice weather to fly kites. I updated my blog as well.

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Angels and Demons

Went out to see Angels and Demons just for Ewan MacGregor's performance. I wasn't disappointed.They could have given more emphasis on the Large Hadron Collider though. We had rain this noon. Tonight everything's wet. Been listening to UK based band Iona.

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Why Irish?

I just finished writing a blog in response to Jenny Mulvey's comment. Check it out if you are into light easy stuff.Oh and my American pal Brandon also shares the same passion that I do when it comes to anything Irish..but he is way better than I am. He is fluent in Gaelic and plays good Celtic music.Check out my blog here:

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Updating my Word Press Blog

Hello guys. If you haven't seen my blog dedicated to anything Celtic ,then you might want to visit I always make sure it is updated and I will be featuring upcoming and rising musicians.My latest feature is Jenny Mulvey and I think she is fantastic.

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Cara Dillon

I am excited about Cara's new album Hill Of Thieves.Our folk enchantress is back to serenade us with beautiful songs.I am trapped on my cubicle .

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