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So school's been CRAZY. It's a lot harder than I'd anticipated as evidenced by the grades I got on my first round of final exams. It's safe to say I shat the bed on all three. Grrrrrr...

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Guess who's BACK! Me!

Wow, so many things have happened i the past 6 months, but, hey, I lived and now here I am!

Nice to see you all again. :)

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Aw, man, I'm feeling fuzzy today.

I had a couple too many glasses of red wine last night and as a result, the world seems a bit funny. Lucky for me, though, that a co-worker brought in bagels for us. There's just something about bagels that make them seem even more delicious during the hung-over days at work. Oh, and here's some good news! My wanker of a boss isn't coming in today! WAHOOO! And even MORE good news! The web demo I had scheduled for 8:30 AM seems to be canceled! Again, WAHOOOO!

Good news, also, on the… Continue

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I'm screwed if a fire alarm goes off right now. :)


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Aw, crappers...

Turns out I didn't pass the FE. Not surprised, but disappointed. Not surprised because, well, I didn't go to engineering school for six years before taking it. Disappointed because, well, I'd have been able to quit this place and go work at Townsend and d what I really like, which is study technology and law. Aw, crappers, indeed. Guess I'm going to have to go about this another way. SO... I'm going to start a B.S. degree program to run concurrently with law school. The B.S. will be in… Continue

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WOW! I'm back!

So I'm done with finals, I'm done with transferring schools (I think), and I'm taking a break from work. Whew! How are all of my friends doing, huh? I missed you folks!

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I seem to have misplaced a lot of my time. For the last week, I haven't been able to really finish anything. It's not for lack of trying, believe me, I try harder and harder, but it just doesn't happen. I think the days are getting shorter! Sure, the sun's up longer but that's all part of some great big government conspiracy to fool us into not noticing how much less time we really have. You get it? Really, I'm grasping at straws trying to figure out how it is that, though I bust my ass all… Continue

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Guess who lost the "go" in "go for it."

It's only 2:41PM and I feel like I've been getting my arse kicked for the last 12 hours. I'm hitting the wall, folks. Energy is flagging, at best. Out of coffee. No hot water for tea. I had one apple left, but it was rotten on the inside. Pretty much this day is sucking like a major.

Guess who lost the "go" in "go for it."

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Hangover: noun (singular) illness caused by a previous bout of heavy drinking

Ok, so I wouldn't call what I'm experiencing a hangover, by definition, I mean, it was only a glass of wine and a martini, but I had a cigar, too, and that's probably why I'm feeling a wee bit out of shape. Oh, and I was enjoying my cigar while pulling out potato vines that have managed to overwhelm our patio. Maybe "potato vine" is what they're calling kudzu these days. In the end, I saved the rose bushes that were being engrossed and reclaimed about a third of our patio. Yay,… Continue

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sur·ly [sur-lee] –adjective, -li·er, -li·est.

1. churlishly rude or bad-tempered: a surly waiter.

2. unfriendly or hostile; menacingly irritable: a surly old lion.

3. dark or dismal; menacing; threatening: a surly sky.

For SOME reason, this word seems to really stick to me today. I think I'm in a pisser of a mood. Not enough coffee, perhaps. Or maybe it's because the huge presentation I'd planned to give yesterday never happened. The folks I was supposed to… Continue

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Moday. Damn it, it's still only Monday.

Really, it feels like Wednesday already. This day is absolutely crawling along. Remember the clocks in school? you'd stare at it and swear the second hand was going backwards sometimes. I've got all these things to do today and I'm just not making progress. Hmph. I think my head is still up in Lake Tahoe.

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Aw, man, what a day!

It's Friday at last! I'm here at work, listening to Toots and the Maytals, drinking coffee, got my favorite pair of sneakers on, and... the boss ain't here! In fact, it seems like half the office is deserted today. Doesn't bother me one bit. Aside from Cindy the Mouth and Natalie the Bigger Mouth, it's quite peaceful. They can't blab for too long on account of they seem to expend a huge amount of energy during their blabbing frenzies, so I'm sure it'll be dead-silent in here in short time. Oh!… Continue

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One of the best Smog songs ever! This one's called "The Well"

The Well

I could not work

So I threw a bottle into the woods

And then I felt bad

For the doe paw

And the rabbit paw

So I went looking for the pieces

Of the bottle that I threw

Because I couldn’t work

I went deep

Further than i could throw

And i came upon an old abandoned well

All boarded over

With a drip hanging from the bucket still

Well I watched that drip but it would not drop

I watched that drip but… Continue

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It's time to turn off the news for a while.

I've noticed how my attitude changes when I listen to too much news on the radio or see too much of it on the television. Mind you, I don't watch much TV anyway, but I do read a lot of news and listen to the radio all day. If I were to take all of the news of the day as defining the state of the world, I'd have to say we're pretty much f#@ked. That kind of gets me down and I'm sure it does many others. I get pissed that nothing really seems to change for the better and that our leaders are… Continue

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Finals in June! Finally!

I just submitted a request for my finals to be administered. I'll be taking Contracts first, then Torts, and the Criminal, all on three consecutive Mondays. These are all-day exams so I have to take a full day of work off for each. Total drag, since I burned through all my PTO when I had pneumonia. After I take these exams, it's on to the Baby Bar exam in July. That's going t be a proper bitch. Another all-day exam and this one's got a pass rate of only 17% to 20%. Two weeks ago I took an exam… Continue

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Hi! I'm new!

Yup. New. n00b. How do you do?

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