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Irish chalice/fairy legend -- please confirm or add any info you know regarding this

Had a ? for you or any Irish...I saw a story on History Channel a few years ago about a man who was lured or tricked into following a beautiful sound from a woman in a field to an underground world...he followed her pretty far and decided on turning back. She tried to keep him but he ran...she chased him down with an object wrapped in white linen or some white cloth and told him to take it, but not look at it until he ran all the way out and not to turn around. He ran through the field and… Continue

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back physical therapy

Hey gang, following an accident at work back in November, I was afraid of the injury to my back following running my head into an overhang, falling backwards, landing with my spine perfectly centered on the edge of the stairs, which flung me forward, knocking the wind out of me and gashing a pretty large cut in my head...not forehead but top of my head. I could not breathe or talk...that really panicked me. I did not even realized I landed on the steps until, they asked if I was alright...and I… Continue

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