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Margeson On The Music August 2012

Kathryn Claire is the kind of name you expect to find in Irish music. She is a tremendous fiddle player and singer. Hanz Araki is most definitely not the type of name you expect to run across in the music. He is a tremendous wooden flute player and singer. Together, these two Yanks from the northwest corner of America are revolutionizing the Irish music business, as we speak.…


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Nuala Kennedy Announces Noble Stranger - New Album and UK/US Tours

Nuala Kennedy Announces New Album Noble Stranger

Celebrated Irish flautist to debut new album with UK and North American tours. Cities will include London, Dublin, Glasgow, Washington DC, Boston, Chicago, Milwaukee and more.


(Nashville, TN) July 10, 2012 Nuala Kennedy is a celebrated traditional Irish musician and…


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Margeson On The Music July 2012

My, my, my. How this all piles up! This time, seven treasures awaiting your discovery. Let’s go:

First up is our 2006 new artist of the year Hanz Araki with musical partner, Kathryn Claire. Are you sitting down? There are actually three brand new cd’s from Hanz and Kathryn with one more to come very soon! The albums are “As I Roved Out” “A Winter Solstice Celebration” and…


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Myth in the Music. The Melesians V The Tutha De Dannan 2000 BC


by Siofra Kilroy

Local Irish composer Joe Thoma of Kenmare, County Kerry on the South

West coast of Ireland, has created a musical innovation in the form

of `Inbhear Sceine'.

The project is an original composition of Celtic music…


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Margeson on the music June 2012

This month we have another five gems for you. Are you keeping up?

1.    Freewheel is just out, ink on the CD cover is still wet. It features the ubiquitous and musically peripatetic youth, Fergal Scahill on guitar, fiddle, and bodhran, joined by The Full Set’s Sean McCarthy on uillean pipes and low whistles and David Howley bringing along some lovely vocals to join his…


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Beating the bushes for a bodhran

    I come from a long line of musicians and I am related to a bunch more. My parents both sang. My late mother played organ and piano and, when young, could also play the accordion, while my father (who is now 91) once played various kinds of horns. My grandmother played piano and both grandfathers played fiddle. Various uncles and great-uncles played fiddle, guitar and banjo, while assorted cousins (and I have a lot of cousins!) sang professionally and played various instruments. But I…


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Margeson on the Music May 2012

This is one of those kitchen sink columns. We’ve ignored a lot of great cd’s. They pile up and here we are. It’s not pretty, we admit this. But, when you get 500 a year sent to you for review, you can blink once and fall a month behind. So it has happened. In fact, this column is going to waddle us through about half of what we want to talk about. So let’s can the chat and get to…


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The Book of My Days

I'm currently distributing and promoting my album The Book of My Days through online radio. It is available in download only format from CDBaby at

Demos and samples of many of my other songas are available at

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Upcoming Marriage this smmer

Like to send a congrats to Margaret O'Rourke to Eugene in their marriage this summer in their town of Westport Co Mayo


From Randy Harlach Hamburg, New York USA

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Happy Saint Patrick's Day

What a great day!  worked all day and came home to corned beef and cabbage with fresh potatoes and carrots,  Irish soda bread made from scratch, shortbreads with lemon and raspberry curd,  Guiness stout, Guiness black  AND Jameson........then closed the day with coffee and Bailey's.........and Live Ireland streaming through every speaker in the house......tis good to be the King

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Margeson on the Music April 2012

Do you have a coin to toss? That’s because you can have it either way. Either  is going to be Male Musician of the Year for 2012 with his new solo flute album, Carrying the Tune, or fellow flute wizard, Brendan Mulholland will be with his debut solo album, Jean’s Hill. If Kevin wins it for Male Musician of the Year, Brendan…


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Happy St. Patricks Day

Of course if you're Irish it's St. Paddy's Day everyday. I am happy to see everyone celebrate this fine day in honor of St. Patrick.

Jim Keane

St. Simons Island, Georgia, USA 

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Matthew Gilsenan of The Celtic Tenors: An Interview

This interview originally appeared in The Celtic Music Fan. However, I removed some bits and decided to go straight to the questions in this post.

Their tour dates and album info is available through the official website:

I have Feels…


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I'm trying to figure out this site. I see a message "what are you up to?" I have no idea where it came from or how to reply with this answer,. Clint

I'm trying to figure out this site. I see a message "what are you up to?" I have no idea where it came from or how to reply with this answer,. Clint


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Margeson On The Music February 2012

Something old. Something new. These four treats sure ring true. Valentine’s Day rhyming over.

This month, we have four, one older, three new. Here is something really new, different, and wonderful. Kyle Alden out of California, has released a terrific album. Highly creative. Beautifully done. Songs from Yeats’ Bee-loud Glade. What Kyle has done is taken W.B. Yeats’…


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We have Irish here...

We have Irish here Irish Heritage Society of Milford (IHSM)


Duffy Cut is not forgotten and Christy Moore and the bands are playing it

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So - To Ireland I went.

I tried to catch a Leprechaun, or a cute Irish man, but ended up catching a cold instead!

I guess I didn't really try hard enough for the man, but to my defence I was distracted by other Butlers Chocolate stores!!! Oh my word, their mochas are the best (especially if you ask for marshmellows on top) and they give you a lovely little piece of chocolate just for ordering something!

It was a whorlwind trip, and except for the cold I had a great time!

I'll try to get…


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Going Home to Mother: A poem on Ireland

The hills seemingly run their length of the Earth, and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I begin to run, I run so hard I start to feel it burning my thighs. But for all things, I wouldn't stop. I didn't want to, though it hurt. The grass on my feet, the freedom of the wind that carried the smells of life and magic on its sweet breath. I feel myself at one with what I always thought I was apart from. Oh, Mother of Life, Mother of everything sweet and beautiful,…


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liveIreland Music Awards 2012

Welcome to the 2012 Livies. Along with TG4, these are the most eagerly anticipated Irish Traditional Music Awards of the year. The reason? LiveIreland's unprecedented and instantaneous worldwide reach in its readership. When any site like LiveIreland is the 900 pound gorilla in the room, it's paid attention to. It is our honor to recognize the Best of the Best with the 2012 Livies. So, here we go:…


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The Best Radio Station

Although I am not often moved to comment I feel this must be the best (for me at least) Radio Station ever.

Pure music with only occasional but effective chat and a playlist which rarely fails to enchant and connect with something deep within.


John Alex' 


Added by John Alexander on December 26, 2011 at 15:44 — 1 Comment

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