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Happiness is a sensation that overflows from inside to outside. A feeling of connection with your thrue I, who leave you feel up high.

In state of grace.

The happiness can be unchained by something so simple has much to look at a… Continue

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Celtic Music - Lenses for Scottish Bands

Thanks to the influence of, I've tended to focus on Irish music for the Celtic music lenses I created first, although I did get the lens for Scotsman Alasdair Fraser in there. Over the past few days, I've created three lenses for the Scottish groups The Tannahill Weavers, Capercaillie, and The Battlefield Band. The page for Celtic Music: Lenses was updated as well of course.

Normally, I'd been creating one lens and seeing it through to publishing before starting on… Continue

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Moday. Damn it, it's still only Monday.

Really, it feels like Wednesday already. This day is absolutely crawling along. Remember the clocks in school? you'd stare at it and swear the second hand was going backwards sometimes. I've got all these things to do today and I'm just not making progress. Hmph. I think my head is still up in Lake Tahoe.

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Celtic Music: Solas

My Squidoo lens for today is about the Irish/American band Solas. It's yet another one inspired by music heard on The band can play straight Irish traditional music with the best of them, but specializes in giving it their own twist on it. From the start, they've garnered a lot of praise from mainstream media and Irish/American publications. Based in the United States, they give American audiences a chance to hear… Continue

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If tomorrow is a manifestation of all that has been obtained, learned and accumulated as of yesterday, and again as of today, why do we seek it--

Is there a greater truth unveiled only when we get to the tomorrow, as it is the conclusion of our yesterday?

Are we cynical today and pray for happiness tomorrow?

When is it okay to live right now in the moment?

When we photograph the scene, are we evolved or far removed from that moment, from which we hope to capture the essense… Continue

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Aw, man, what a day!

It's Friday at last! I'm here at work, listening to Toots and the Maytals, drinking coffee, got my favorite pair of sneakers on, and... the boss ain't here! In fact, it seems like half the office is deserted today. Doesn't bother me one bit. Aside from Cindy the Mouth and Natalie the Bigger Mouth, it's quite peaceful. They can't blab for too long on account of they seem to expend a huge amount of energy during their blabbing frenzies, so I'm sure it'll be dead-silent in here in short time. Oh!… Continue

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It Happened At That Moment

It Happened At That Moment

I stood in the periphery,

Yet savored the enormity of sun

cast my way from

just beyond the garden



I stood, too enthralled to speak

too enamored to move

Then It touched my soul

the lush sweet smell of Spring

I reached out and ran my fingers

gently ‘cross the rose petals velvety embrace

My friend enveloped me with trust

Bade me see beyond the weeds castigation

See the… Continue

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hell all
in particular my 12 ex pat,s , why are we only 13 what can we do to build our team up ? lets go , also if you have any comment on american politics /irish post them on the blog ITS GREAT TO BE A EX PAT,S

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Celtic Music: Lúnasa and Celtic Music Lenses

My latest Squidoo lens in the Celtic Music series is for the Irish traditional band Lúnasa, another group I discovered by listening to They released their first self-titled album in 1999 and it became an immediate best seller in Ireland, and was named one of the top ten albums of the year by the Irish Echo in the US. With the release of a "best of" album this year, they now have seven to their credit. The band tours… Continue

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Sea Lust And Greed

The ship came sailing in;

Upon its magnificent deck,

rested a cargo of fine silver and gold trinkets.

The many shapes and colors of precious gems

glistened from within the depths of huge trunks.

The laughter of evil men rang out across the quiet

vastness of the sea.

Their greedy eyes devoured what was rightfully ours,

while their blood splattered hands molested our very souls;

(As) we the crew silently prepared to die at the hands

of these… Continue

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Simmer The Heat

Honeysuckle... roses
Bees-- laughter of children
Barbecue and pool parties
Graduation-- changes pending
Sun showers and afternoons spent fishing
Sweet sun burning winter's skin
Noxema and repellent
Catching fireflies
Loving life

Felicia Maisey
Copyright ©2008 Felicia M. Maisey

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The Wind

My how the wind, the wind with its glorious self righteousness
soothes me, moves me to action, aids in my quest for peace
The wind sees all and knows all
It carries your whispers into the night'
and dreams into the day
The wind, the wind its power self evident
The wind, a healer of seasons, destoyer of lives
The wind someday shall carry me away to a better place

Felicia Maisey
Copyright ©2008 Felicia M. Maisey

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Through the Gilded Birdcage Frame

Like a wild animal, called upon to be tame

I swiftly exercised all chemicals from my veins

Savagely, I fought to maintain a little sanity

I mopped up after every storm, opened windows;

Pretended to breath

My wings were broken and I forgot how to sing,

Until at last, a ray of sun shown through the looking glass,

Setting it aflame

As the fire spread, I almost prayed for death to come

And allow me to escape the pain

But alas, I survived

Like a… Continue

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There are weeds in the garden.

Blending with the flowers,

Quite often they seem beautiful,

Distracting from view the essence of a blossom.

They feel like flowers and grow undaunted, if one is not careful,

Until, unattended, they strangle the life from the flower at its very roots.

The petals wither, drop to Earth, and suddenly the lovely garden is no more.

It stands barren; so alone, except for the colorful weeds.

There is no more scent to the air, no… Continue

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Rowan Tree and USI Chamber Choir Tour Schedule - May 08- Ireland

May 13

Rowan Tree at Sean Óg's Pub Tralee 6:30pm - closing

May 14

Rowan Tree and the USI Chamber Choir


St. Mary's Church, Dingle, Co Clare

May 15

Rowan Tree and USI Chamber Choir


Our Lady and St. Michael's Catholic Church, Ennistymon

Trad session to follow at Cooley's Pub, Ennistymon.

May 16 Rowan Tree

Gus O'Conner's Pub, Doolin, Co. Clare


Evening session… Continue

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Celtic Music: Alasdair Fraser

With this latest Squidoo lens, I'm back to focusing on performers. Alasdair Fraser is a fantastically talented player and teacher of traditional Scottish fiddle music. I learned about him from a coworker around 1989 - he had a tape of The Road North playing in his car while we rode home from work one day. I was impressed, and the next January, we went to a Burns Night celebration at Sanders Theater at Harvard University to see him… Continue

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One of the best Smog songs ever! This one's called "The Well"

The Well

I could not work

So I threw a bottle into the woods

And then I felt bad

For the doe paw

And the rabbit paw

So I went looking for the pieces

Of the bottle that I threw

Because I couldn’t work

I went deep

Further than i could throw

And i came upon an old abandoned well

All boarded over

With a drip hanging from the bucket still

Well I watched that drip but it would not drop

I watched that drip but… Continue

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The Timeclock

Have you ever truly considered the validity in the adage, "youth is wasted on the young?" Awhile back, I had a project for class, and I found myself reading a book entitled, "Dances With Luigi." The author was a young man hellbent on utilizing his American idealism in Italy, until a very astute and insightful neighbor befriends him and begins to assist him in his journey of discovery. As the author reconnects with his heritage and his family, long forgotten by his American relatives, he begins… Continue

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Frangipan's ....

Five musicians around a magic cauldron, a clearing delighted, and a strange mixture that provide energy and pace to play until daybreak. Frangipan's, a group travelled to the music: Britain, Ireland, compositions, to find music, dance, dream, share. A horse on their instruments (violin / vocals, accordion / bouzouki, guitar / bodhràn, cello-whistle, derbouka / drum of water), they are on their way to new adventures full of complicity.

URL de son profil… Continue

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It's time to turn off the news for a while.

I've noticed how my attitude changes when I listen to too much news on the radio or see too much of it on the television. Mind you, I don't watch much TV anyway, but I do read a lot of news and listen to the radio all day. If I were to take all of the news of the day as defining the state of the world, I'd have to say we're pretty much f#@ked. That kind of gets me down and I'm sure it does many others. I get pissed that nothing really seems to change for the better and that our leaders are… Continue

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