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December 2009 Blog Posts (16)

The Livies liveIreland Music Awards 2010

Here they are and here we go. No Irish music Awards are so quickly spread around the world, nor so massively read about, thanks to the incredible reach of LiveIreland. As usual, these Awards represent the best of the best for the past year. Stunning stuff, and congratulations to all the winners. The envelopes please!!

Female Vocal Album of the Year…


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New to Site

Merry/Happy Christmas to all!!

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Please Vote for The BeerMats in The Irish Music Awards

The Irish Folk & Ballad Group We Need your help, we have been Nominated for

The Irish Music Award’s 2009 which is a top world music Award, and we need you to vote for us.

How to Vote:

1. Log on to:

2. Click: Enter

3. Click: Join

4. Click: Free Member

5. Click: Click here to register for the Irish Music Association message forum;

6. Fill out: Registration… Continue

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Margeson on the music December 09 News Update.

A quick note---next month is The Livies. They are our annual Awards for the best of the best for 2009. Don't miss them! No Awards are seen and heard worldwide so quickly, and by so many people!!!! Now as to the reviews:

The natural thing is to try NOT to go to extremes. I mean, it sounds so silly, over the top, wacky when you start “raving”. Your friends begin to fear for your mental state, and you walk around with your eyes in a glazed state that invites intervention. Thank heavens your… Continue

Added by Bill Margeson on December 23, 2009 at 8:00 — 1 Comment


Watching the tides of time through glass of foaming ebbs and highs.

A black subtle sea of a palate’s delight coloured by aged hangings and pouring of smoke in a bar with Peadar’s name.

You are not from this Town are yae son? Says he.

Go on do you not see me, not know who I am.

Naw son, don’t think I do, where’s that accent from.

It’s from the ‘Town’ same as you.

Get away with you, from the town no way; you’re not the same as… Continue

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Days pass so quickly here on Spaceship Expatria.

As it winds slowly away from planet Home.

Through opaque veils of days, weeks and nights.

Becoming years, memories first created by honest priorities now gradually decrease in clarity.

These silent honeycombs of present and past subconsciously relegated to the mind’s baggage compartment.

To be replaced by the… Continue

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Karl Nesbitt Bodhran tutorial

I haven’t checked You Tube for ages and I was glad to know that my friend Karl Nesbitt who recently released an album called Vista Point uploaded a new video.

For those who are not yet aware, there is a tutorial for Irish music via YouTube. Karl Nesbitt has uploaded videos for people who want to enhance their talents in playing Celtic music instruments. Please visit Karl Nesbitt’s… Continue

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irish music

please everyone watch den 2 tomorrow at 4.30 (show called ice) and please vote online for my son dylan and his friend ryan dylan is playin the tin whistle and ryan is irish dancingÉ: ICE there only 11 years old

Added by mark brennan on December 14, 2009 at 21:30 — 1 Comment

Margeson on the Music Dec 09

LiveIreland Dec. 2009

I remember well when I started collecting antique images of Ulysses S. Grant, America’s greatest general. When anyone starts collecting, they are all in a mad rush. For me, it was anything with Grant’s image on it. For others, it is coins, stamps, old samplers, antique maps…whatever. And, for all those collectors, the result is always the same. The madness subsides, and through whatever process one goes through, the taste becomes more specific. Twists, turns and… Continue

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'This Place Called Ireland'

This goes out to all of my friends or any member of Live Ireland that has had dreams or visions of making it to Ireland some day with a passion that's just burning inside. I do have a dream,a vision and a passion and it's all for 'THIS PLACE CALLED IRELAND'

This Place Called Ireland

"So peaceful and calmly this place it seems to be,

Yet I stare at it sadly for its thru a picture I see,

this land far,far away from mine

I watch the clock in patient… Continue

Added by COLLEEN M. on December 9, 2009 at 23:12 — No Comments

RIP Liam

Its such a sad day but his music will live on. Seeing Liam in dublin last may was an experience I will never forget. He was ill but made it onto the stage singing songs that we had sung to our children at bedtime. We were all there to listen to him speak and sing.. Tears ran down our face as we listened to the music. Thank you Liam for your music.
Lorrie Perkins Arizona
We shall be back to the emerald Isle next year for nine weeks.

Added by Lorrie on December 6, 2009 at 17:16 — No Comments

What's Luck Got to Do with it?

What's Luck Got to Do with it?

To some people, success is based onluck, a chance throw of the dice, a random whim of fate. But in reality, luck has nothing to do with it.

Yes, there are occasions when success can be influenced to some degree by "luck" but it cannot be said that "luck" is an accident.

These are the "good luck" principles:

Know clearly what you want-- If you don't know where you are going, how will you know when you get there?

Have… Continue

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Liam Clancy 1935 - 2009

We are all saddened at news of the loss of Liam Clancy. The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem are major figures in the history of Irish music, especially in America. From the mid-50's onward, the Clanceys and Makem were Irish music to many millions of Americans through their appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show, an iconic program in the history of music in America. But, the Clanceys and Makem were much more than simply popular entertainers. They were noted collectors of old Irish songs,… Continue

Added by Bill Margeson on December 5, 2009 at 21:20 — 3 Comments

The pro and cons of marrying an Irishman...


a. Family is extremely important to an Irishman. Family is the core of an Irish man’s masculinity and the more children he has the more masculine he feels.

b. Irishmen don’t sweat the small stuff. An Irishman has surprisingly great coping strategies. Stress isn’t in the vocabulary of an Irishman, chilled and relaxed is the way he embraces life.

c. An Irishman will go out of his way to do nice things for people who are important… Continue

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Solace In Familiar Places

The journey along Dublin's main O'Connell Street onto Parnell Street was an uphill struggle against battering winds and heavy rain made all the worse by the fact that I was trying to hold up an umbrella. While the end of my journey brought some physical comfort away from the atrocious weather it would not give much in the way of psychological consolation as I was to collect my husband's… Continue

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Irish/Celtic music Shuffle

1. When She Held Me In Her Arms- Brobdingnagian Bards

2. Must Have Been High- Boyzone

3. Who The Fack Is Gazza- Charlie and The Bhoys

4. Phoenix Reel- Any Old Time

5. Job Of Journeywork- The Chieftains

6. Ancient Pines- Loreena McKennitt

7. Dirty Glass- Dropkick Murphys

8. Eddie Fulton- Spirit Of Freedom

9. Annachie Gordan- Mary Black

10. Our Wedding Day- Ronan Hardman

11. Crowley's/Jackson's- Eileen Ivers

12. My Little Armalite- Irish… Continue

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