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Bountiful, Utah USA
About Me:
Scots-Irish (SI) ancestry. Orange Irish early immigration to USA. Typical SI temperament, i. e., flinty, aggressive, political minded. J. D. in law. Play classical piano. Like Irish music as it sounds same as music heard in home state, Kentucky. Keep on putting it on the web. Love it! Regards, Hal
Favorite Music:
Classical, big band (played in a band), instrumental orchestra symphonies, esp. Shastakovich, Mozart. Soul revived when hearing the traditional Irish music and dancing from your site. Just like my childhood in KY. Raised on classics, piano, etc. Accompanied chorus in high school. Like music that is ancestral, classical - anything really good.
Currently Reading? (Books Magazines etc)
Tech books on metal casting, machining, repairs, etc. - Built my own shop.

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At 23:28 on March 14, 2008, Ms. hemidemisemiquaver said…
Happy St Patrick's day Hal. :) Hope all is well with :)
At 20:06 on January 23, 2008, Rebecca Gresty said…
Thanks Hal, don't worry, once I find the right place, they won't be able to shake me off!!!! Ha ha ha!! :)
At 20:11 on January 20, 2008, Ms. hemidemisemiquaver said…
That's about an hour from me as the crow or Interstate flies.
At 17:30 on January 18, 2008, Ms. hemidemisemiquaver said…
Is Greensburg in Campbell or Taylor? I can't remember my KY Geography,lol. The last time I was in Utah was 1982. Ok-So maybe you do understand what I mean when I say "rural Kentucky."
At 8:07 on January 13, 2008, oldwarhorse3 said…
This is an easy place to learn to navigate and have fun. Check out the chat room some time, there are wonderful people in there from all over the world. Steve from Arizona is a motorcycle enthusiast and Clare de Loon practices law. Law is too political for me, found that out the hard way, or at least in a disappointing way. But I agree with your breakdown, especially the 85% common sense.
Where in Ky was home for you? I use to work with the horses in Lexington.
At 4:06 on January 13, 2008, Ms. hemidemisemiquaver said…
Hal, I think we speeka da same language :) My worst pet peeve is a good gov't bureaucracy. :)
At 3:13 on January 13, 2008, Ms. hemidemisemiquaver said…
HE HE HE !!!!!!! Hey, did you know that the second leading cause of greenhouse emmissions is COW BURP. No kidding man... look it up. I LOVE it. Too funny.
At 2:41 on January 13, 2008, Ms. hemidemisemiquaver said…
Actually Hemidemi... is a musical term (a 1/64th note) it's archaic and out of date. Ja Ich Spreche ein weinig Deutsch, aber... not very good. Took 4 years of German in school but that's been a while!!! Infused music is what I call the collective Celtic genres - the more diversified and polyphonic kinds that draw from or combine different cultures in music. An example would be Afro-Celt. I am not a big fan of theirs, but find some of their stuff educational. :)
At 17:55 on January 12, 2008, Ms. hemidemisemiquaver said…
Was reading your music influences and saw the reference to Kentucky. It does sound a lot like home!!! :)
At 11:39 on January 12, 2008, oldwarhorse3 said…
Welcome to Live Ireland Hal!
You'll find plenty of Irish mixed ancestries in here with lots of music and entertainment and general craziness.
Where'd you go to law school, and are you practicing law now?

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