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About Me:
I'm a spiritual guy, even though I'm not very good at being a follower of any organized faith, and don't like being preached at. Jesus never forced anyone to follow him, so don't force me. I started following Paganism at the end of '06 after a few years of long thought. I may go back to the Church one day, and I still believe Christ was here to help man, but I am happy with the path I have chosen right now. I have Cerebral Palsy, which makes it hard for me to do normal everyday things like walk. In my mind and heart, I'm a normal guy, so don't be afraid to say hello. When I'm not a student, I volunteer at a local hospital. I'm obsessed with The Crow and Batman, which are the best comic book characters I have ever stumbled across. The movies were cool until they couldn't stop making sequels. I'm an avid researcher of Arthurian legend, especially Merlin. I'm a music geek who will listen to everything from Nirvana to Rob Zombie, to Johnny Cash. Hip-hop and the recent 'punk' craze are not allowed though. I tried, but all Yellowcard did was make me want to set their tour bus on fire. I'd like to meet a girl that's a little crazy in a good way. No, I don't want to see you naked on your webcam.
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Prog Rock

Irish and Bagpipe


Not Gangsta Rap or 'Crunk' Rap (be glad if you don't know what that is).
The Devil You Know

A Kindred Spirit


My Anti-Heroes

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At 9:32 on April 26, 2009, Sónia said…
Hello Coll!
Faílte! (Welcome!)

You are in a good place to find new and interesting people, I hope you be able to find many good friends in here.

About be a follower of any kind of religion… well don’t worry, we must be true to ourselves, so if you follow your heart you will always be on the right place! And, we always can pick one thing in here, other in there, and learn with all religions, without be a follower of any one in special. We are free Souls, as so, we can not be locked with only one specific religion or philosophy of life, because we are able to feel by ourselves, and with the help of our Guardian Angels we find the understanding we need.
Last year I become also interested in druidism and paganism and I started to make some searches about it, I had the help of a Liveireland friend that is pagan, and I have found the OBOD (The Order Of Bards, Ovates & Druids) is without doubt a very interesting place, Phillip Carr-Gomm have been in Portugal for two times, but unfortunately I have not had the change to participate in his workshops, sadly, sadly…

I liked the movie Crow also very much, but the one with Brandon Lee (the one after this was not so good), the serie that some good years ago have been on TV with Mark Dacascus was nice to see too.

I see you listen rock music, I always love rock music as well (and some heavy metal), many said not a kind of music for my age (and that I don’t seem in appearance a person that listen this kind of music… Why would be that?).

But one of the things that I felt also last year was that maybe I need to reduce the rock and heavy music that I was listening and started to listening more celtic and new age music ( forget for a while Mettalica, Foo Fighters, Linking Park, Breaking Benjamin or others).
I guess my inner self was needing a little of quiet time, I still listen all the music I like, but now I try to listen more singers like Josh Groban, Michael Londra, Sarah Brightmam. Did you ever felt something like this in your spiritual searching?
I think (maybe) you are a very young guy… But you will find that special girl you are looking for in the right time, just don’t let anxiety rule over you!

Sorry for the long message and for my English. Take care and hope to see you around!

Sith agus sláinte `bha! (Peace and good health to you!)


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