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Newfoundland Blue Ensign

The Red and Blue Ensigns with the great seal in the fly were Newfoundland's unofficial flags from 1904 until 1931. The Red Ensign was to be flown by commercial shipping while the blue was to be flown by governmental ships.[2]

Neither ensign was ever formally adopted by the national parliament, but the red ensign gained wide enough use, both at sea and on land, to be considered the unofficial national flag.[3] The badge in the flag consists of Mercury, the God of Commerce and Merchandise, presenting to Britannia a fisherman who, in a kneeling attitude, is offering the harvest of all the sea. Above the device in a scroll are the words ' Terra Nova ', and below the motto Haec Tibi Dona Fero or "These gifts I bring thee." The seal was redesigned by Adelaine Lane, niece of Governor Sir Cavendish Boyle.

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