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Have you had an experience that was defining or illuminating in your being an Olde Fart? Share your stories here.

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While recently visiting our nearly 4 year old grandson, Joe, I went upstairs to our room to put my camera away someplace safe. Not realizing that by "someplace safe" I meant someplace Joe would not find it, my wife sent him along with me. Unable to shake him and put the camera away in the closet out of view, I set the camera bag on the bed.

Joe started to climb on the bed, and I told him to stay down because of my camera. Joe looked right at me and pushed down on the corner of the bed, seemingly to push himself up. I snapped at him, telling him again to stay off the bed.

Joe left and went downstairs. When he found my wife, he said in his saddest, somewhat weepy manner, "Grandma, Grandpa's a wacko!"

Of course, 20 minutes later, Joe was sitting next to me on the sofa saying, "Grandpa, you're my best buddy!" But "Grandpa's a wacko!" will certainly be remembered. All my friends with whom I share the story think that Joe must be tremendously insightful for a 4 year old!
great story!

old fart wacko!
My moment came the first time a woman in her thirties referred to me as "spry". As in "I hope I am as spry as you when I am your age." I totally broke up. I had made it!
I think I may be in the wrong group. Only the young 'uns think I am old.
nope, you're old..... lol


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