Irish Internet Radio and TV from Dublin, Ireland.

People are always asking can the visit the studio. So why not leave a message here if you would like to come and see the studio and so so secret Roof Garden ......... even non smokers are welcome

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Great of you to invite everybody to visit! :) Trust me, if the USD would be just a little higher...or at least as high as last May, you might see me in 2008....this way...probably not....
Well Bernard.... I'm still happy to have visited... and hope to be able to visit again, of course, I had a blast!
Athas will be in Ireland just after Christmas through January 6th.
We'll be flying in and out of Dublin....
maybe we could arrange a visit??
Sure, just get a private meaasge to me and I will send my number :0)
Is this a huge place we're talking about (i.e. big enough to swing a cat)? I'm looking forward to checking in some time. Is it better to drop in over lunch or are you doing guided tours like the guys the make the black stuff?

Anyway, keep the music coming... brilliant!



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