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I assume a lot of people coming to this group might want to know more about the language, so...
One good internet source is (daltai means students in Irish). There you can find sound files and all sorts of phrases, etc. For those of us in the States, you can also find classes in your area. They will get you started. there's another site, that offers a wide range of Irish language information as well.
I have other resources for those who are interested and will post them as time permits.

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I definatley want to learn how to speak and read gaelic but with my limited time I dont really know where to go. I have found some sites that offer some of it but usually it either written with no sound or sound with no written words. Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for this information. I dearly love what I have learned from my Irish heritage and I hope to learn more. Thank you again!
also, Youtube has a number of videos available to help as groups are posting their class sessions on it.
Just plug in Irish language to the search icon and you'll get a list from which to choose.
TG4 posts a number of both speakers and singers and they have programs in the language on line to view. is the URL.
Conradh na Gaeilge of New England has a helpful site at

ITunes have a few Gaeilage language podcasts but you might want to try these:

Various websites you might want to try are:



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