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Good evening every body. I introduce you my dog ^^

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That fellow has a lot of character!!  Looks like a happy dog.

In fact, we adopted him to give him a better life. 2 years old now, he is happy in his new family. The thing is, unfortunately, we do not have any herd of sheep for him to develop as a shepherd dog :o Nice picture of your dog. Funny with the shampoo. 


:) Thank you Bill. 

Bobby having a bath ... he did not appreciate that before discovering hot water can be so comfortable ^^


He almost looks like a lurcher dog. The are herders.  Great picture Christelle!

Thanks Gail. : ) In fact Bobby is not a lucher dog but a French shepherd. Which one? lol ^^ we suppose he is a Berger picard crossed with a Berger belge, or a Berger Catalan crossed with a Border Collie. We rescued him less than one year ago thanks to an association. There never will be any herders of his breed unfortunately. 

Christelle, Bobby looks like he has personality and is quite handsome! Great pics too!!!

Thanks Donna : ) In fact he is grey which is quite rare for a dog. Anyway it is rare here in France. Bobby is a rescue dog too, he was 1 year old when I found him. He already have known 3 families. We are the fourth one, the last one! 


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