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Who are you and why you like mandolin..?

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Can I join in..?

I only know few chords... learned over 25 years ago...! And barely played since... ( I know... I know... not enough time... sigh...!)


P.s. I can't believe I'm the first to (try to) join in..!!!
P.s. (2) Heard about Russ..??? Sir-Reel...? Wonder where he could be..?
P.s. (3) hmmmm.... probably is he playing mandolin at the moment...! ;-)
Well I'm Twitchard, I've been playing the mandolin for about four years. I'm self-taught, but I practice hard, plus I've played classical violin since five years before I took up the mandolin.

I like the mandolin because it has really simple and mobile chords and patterns that move up and down all the fretboard, and it's easy to play just about any melody. If you know what you're doing you can accompany yourself singing all by yourself just as if not more effectively than with a guitar. You can play roll-type things like on a banjo, full-blown chords, or you can tremolo. It's just really versatile and expressive. On top of that, they're light, small, and not a hassle to bring around places.

Hey man---I am intrigued by your statement that you can accompany yourself as well as with a guitar. I love to sing and play guitar, but I cannot sing while I play mando. Seems the instrument is too complex to play for me to also be able to sing. Plus, the sound to me doesnt lend it self as well to accompanying, although I have heard others do that well.

Wow ...looking at the date on this...I am mandogrl (Jill) WWM....I am usually on LIchatroom....I started playing the mandolin about 2 years ago self taught....but kind of wondering where to go from here...I mostly pick tunes ...few chords....accompany other musicians.
Hey/ Have been playing a few years, mostly bluegrass chops. Lately am playing praise music (rhythm, fillins) in church. But I want to learn to play traditional Irish on the mando. What is a good way for me to get started here in South Carolina?
The way I learned was to look up tunes on (members - tunebook will show you which are most popular) and then look them up on youtube or and play along. But then I'm in South Dakota, not South Carolina. You actually have Irish musicians there, so if you can learn in person it would probably be better.


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