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I'm going to write a short presentation of myself. My name is Jimmy Utterström, at the time of writing I'm 17 years old and I'm situated in the northern part of Sweden. 

I'm studying nature science and in my spare time I'm working as a freelancer web developer. When I was about 13 years old I stumbled upon a tin whistle video on youtube by accident. I had been playing the recorder when I was younger but when I saw this video my whistle/flute interest was brought to life again. 

I immediately began searching for a Swedish retailer for tin whistles and after some "googling" I manage to find one. And by the time that whistle arrived I found myself stuck into Irish folk music. Now I own about 8 - 10 tin whistles and 2 low whistles (a Susato and a Chieftain). Sadly enough I haven't got very much time to play them the last year because of school and my company.

But anyway, I would really love to get the chance to visit Ireland myself and get the chance to meet a few of the "real" tin-/low whistle players (well, there aren't many guys playing those instruments up here in Sweden). I also like the Irish nature and would like to learn more about the country and its culture. 

And I would really appreciate if you guys (and girls) could give me some tips and information about what places to visit and how to get the most out of a journey to Ireland :)

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A former DJ here on liveIreland SteveTrad is a whistle player and is very familiar with the whistle music scene here. you can check his profile here:

Thank you very much!


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