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Returing to Ireland after 16 years - would like to talk to others who have returned

I am Irish with an Irish wife with three children. All three were born in USA and the oldest is 5. My wife and I have always talked about moving home before the kids got too old so we think we need to make the move in the next year or two. My wife is a stay at home mom and I have a relatively successful career and we have saved what I think is a good amount of money to finance the return.
I am very interested in talking to others who have made this big move and would love to hear any advice or things we need to avoid for our return. I am specifically interested in understanding implications on transferring retirement funds and any money saved home and if there are any tax implications in Ireland on my return. Would also be interested in understanding how my three little girls will settle into school in Ireland and would assume that a summer move would be best so they can start fresh in September.
I also need to find a job in Ireland and would like to hear what others have done. Are Irish companies interested in interviewing individuals like myself remotely or should I expect to fly back and forth a few times in the meanwhile? Are there any recruitment or head hunting firms in Ireland who specialize in finding jobs for returning emigrants.
I am not really looking for answers on all of these questions but would love to communicate with others who have already done this. It is a very daunting undertaking but we love and miss Ireland so are at the same time very excited about the move. We return on vacation once or twice a year so we somewhat understand how the country has changed (mostly for the better in my opinion) .
Thank you

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