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Hi everyone! My name is Ciara (good Irish name!). Me and my husband live in Northampton at the moment and are craving a better quality of life! We dont have much leisure time at the moment, it all seems like work, work, work! We are both 28 years old. My husband is a car mechanic and I am training to be a Beauty Therapist. My dad is a Kerryman, and moved back to Kerry about 4 years ago. My Aunt and Grandad (neither are Ireland natives) have moved to Limerick and Listowel. Mum is wanting to move there too in the next year or so, but I am feeling that she doesn't want to move without me!! I have always loved my trips to Ireland as a child, and look forward to going over again in the summer. I was wondering if anybody knows if Mechanics and Beauty Therapists are in demand in Ireland? Would anyone have any words of wisdom or thoughts on moving to Ireland from the UK? Our dream is to have a nice property, with outbuildings so my husband can use one as his garage, and I can achieve my dream of having horses! (not financially possible for us in the UK). I feel really inspired reading the discussions on this website, and would love to hear your thoughts. Warm regards, Ciara

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