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What are your thoughts on the Irish economy and have you benefited from the Celtic Tiger or do you feel like your being left behind?

It appears to me that there are two types of Irish today, the ones who benefited by the property boom and those who have been priced out of the boom. Those who became rich from the Celtic Tiger and those who have become deeply in debt due to the Celtic Tiger era.

I read a book by David McWilliams called the The Pope's Children and I see he has a new series on RTE 1 called Ireland's Generation Game. Is this guy full of it or do you feel like he is accurate in his opinions.

So where do you stand? Making it big or falling behind in Ireland's Celtic Tiger economy.

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McWilliams has been predicting the bubble burst since 1994 :) so he was going to be right sometime. I reckon its a 2 way slowdown. If external factors such as sup prime mortgage bank sector fallout and resulting dollar devaluation continue unabated then we're in for a severe dip for at least 18 months. If these external factors are less severe long term we will continue slower growth albeit at a rate akin to Germany etc 2.7% ish. The housing market will bottom out regardless and this is a good thing as the ridiculous investor driven hypermarket was deflecting away from what we do best. I think the eastern tigers are a bit over hyped by comparison (Mc W reckons they are our biggest threat) as we still, and will keep punching way above our weight for a small country of 5 million. Go to Poland and try set up a software research company or R+D in pharmaceuticals. Then come here. Its lets do it, no bull and lets do it.
Regardless of all the above eyes on events in the middle east over the next few months could sway everything down the tube for a long time no matter what part of the globe you live. €200-300 a barrel?
Just as a matter of interest...where did you get that pic of the celtic tiger??? It was filled with hot air anyway! :D :D


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