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Have you lived or are living in Ireland or maybe thinking about it. This is the place to exchange thoughts, information, experiences or humour. Go On, Go On, Go On, Go on, You Will, You Will, You Will!

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Bernard--what do I really need to know about lkiving in Ireland?? My wife and I are considering a move to Ireland wwithin the next 5-10 years.
Another Irish wannabe here-- by the third day of our visit, Hubby was asking if I thought we could move to Ireland when we get the kids out of the house. And that is the plan (assuming we CAN get the kids out of the house! We may have to move and not tell them...)
So come on, Bernard and anyone else with an opinion--(and it's been said that where there are three Irish, there are four opinions) what are the top things you think we need to know? Besides the fact that it's gotten terribly expensive, I mean.
Cathy Jo--where in Eire would you like to settle????? We are looking in the west--northern Mayo or Donegal would be our first choices--the dollar needs to get a little more robust though.
Most likely in the west, but I understand the midland area is cheaper, so we're willing to be flexible. It's not like it's THAT big an island, after all. Rural is good--we both grew up in farming areas in Ohio. Hubby is particularly drawn to Killarney, but Connemara was wonderful, too. Dublin is okay for short visits, but I'm more of a Galway gal.
I agree the midlands are cheaper--I would prefer rural as well, but a small village is OK--as long as there is a pub where I can go and play. We live in Maine, which is very rural--so not too much of a change for us in that respect. Maybe one of the towns around Castlebar, or even Donegal town or Letterkenny. It all depends on housing prices, I guess--and what we can afford.
I stayed on Achill for 6 weeks a couple years ago (was a 'digger')....don't know that that classifies me as "Living" there, but it's funny how you get attached to a place after just a month and a half.
I would love to leave Alaska and work somewhere else for a year. A friend of mine is in France teaching english for a year, but that won't work 'cause I don't know french! drat.
Well I would love to work in Ireland, but there is that little issue with getting a work visa....harder then I thought it would be.
Sandy, isn't Achill wonderful place. We have visited there several times, but did not stay for as long as you did. We have also stayed out on Inis Mor for a while. Island living is very different. I have always dreamed of working back in Ireland, but in the 70's & 80's there was no work to be had. Now, the housing is very expensive along with everything else.
Todd--I agree, the dollar is not going to be making a big comeback anytime soon. We thought about buying a house before the Celtic Tiger got going on it's rampage, but we were also looking at saving money to get two children thru college--college won--college costs are fast outpacing everything here.
I have joined a professional health care society in Ireland to make it easier for me to get insurance and a job--but we will see what happens--I've got time yet before we move.
Hey Guys, WOW! Where to start...I dont know, Forstly I have seen profesional advice that suggeststhat you spend 4 months of travel around a country before you decide. Naturally it depends on who you are and what you want. Isolation or the centre of things etc etc. The economy is doing so well we are the 2nd wealthiest country in the world and the most expensive. So you will pay for a place!!!!!! I would not even think of a place till you have seen / explored all options. If you are taking out a loan etc, I would seriously suggest buying 2 properties here and rent one out, it will def pay for itself it rent and resale!
Ah, Bernard...I wish I was one of those 'two house' rich Americans! I guess I'm going to have to get busier if ever I want to afford a piece of the Ould Sod...(teasing, so)
with the dollar as it is right now --buying one house will be a challenge , let alone 2!!!!! Especially with the housing prices in Ireland--although the prices do seem to be coming down some.
Great minds, Tim...and at the same time!


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