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I've seen some pretty amazing landscape shots here on LiveIreland and this is the place to post them. Include the details of the image like where, when and how the shot was taken. We can learn a lot from each other and the more detail you provide the better.

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Exquisite picture--truly beautiful.
This was an evening when everything was so clear and detailed...but we were on a timeline and only had a time for one stop. Can you believe that 3 hours from here we were in the desert with a warm evening.
Well, I'm not sure what you wanted to capture but what you did is quite stunning. I love the contrasts and coolness of the temperature.

A beautiful valley near Glencar Waterfalls in Co. Leitrim
beautiful shot.
Thanks Felicia - unfortunately the camera was new to me at the time so I wasn't sure how to do a panarama view. Here's another picture of the same valley just to the right of the above picture.

This one made me cry; made me want to be there again right now!!!!!

I took this one at sunset from Chimney rock last fall. It's the perfect time of day because the rocks do turn this deep red right as the sun goes down. It's a bit of a hike to get up there but worth it. In the background you can see the rock we call the griffin.
Oooh--what an incredibly beautiful shot; you managed to capture the textures of the landscape as well adn I fidn that amazing in and of itslef--that is very hard to do; what kind of camera did you use and what are you standing on? Thanks for sharing!
Hi Felicia, I took this one with my Olympus sp500 digital. I'm standing at the base of chimney Rock, where there is a small ledge to stand on, before the trail leads around it to a larger area overlooking town.

Hey Rob do you recognize this place. Was beautiful as you said it would be.


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