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Show us your Artsy side!
Post your images that have been artistically altered, such as Black and White conversions, toned images, filter effects or anything else that you would consider an artistic rendering of the original. Please include a description of how the image was made and altered.

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Nice composition. Love seeing images converted to B/W. You might try taking this color image into channel mixer of Photoshop and checking the monochrome box. Then work the RGB sliders and see the interesting effects that you can produce. Can add more than grayscale, not that there is anything wrong with it, just another tool. Image>Adjustments>Channel Mixer
Thanks Bill! I'm using Photoshop Elements and no channel mixer, but Lightroom has a grayscale channel mixer. I'll play around with some and see what happens.
Thanks again!
I love this one--makes oyu want to know more.
Recently I became a member of 'my LiveIreland' and looked around at the different groups. So I've decided to embark by the photographers because very interesting images I saw so far in your group. I'm looking forward to have some inspiring discussions about photography.

My first photograph was taken last year in September during a wonderful day-trip on InisOirr. The smallest of the three Aran Islands. I shot it analogue with my MINOLTA DYNAX 404si and used a normal KODAK 200. I found that hulk on the east side of InisOirr, near the water, surrounded from stones and miles a way from the coast of Doolin. For me it is a monument of contemporary history. I saw the people who were building that ship, saw it crossing the sea with all the sailors on it. But also for me it is a great metaphor for transience of life.

Later at home I used a photo dealing program to give the image more dramaturgy. Two layers in different brown shapes for contrast. First is excused in addition with a soft-focus-effect for a bit more depth.

I think it is one way to made photographs and a way to discover my own environment. I try it again but it's not easy to find such extraordinary pieces.

Incredible image. Thanks for sharing.
Dietmar, Very nice! Truely and amazing find and masterful post-processing. I can't wait to see more of your work!
Very Nice! Looks like it was shot with a 81C filter.
Welcome to the group...interesting shot...a picture of strenght and isolation...standing all elements. Well done.
An image of a young woman playing hoops during a War between the States reenactment. The color image has been post processed using various PhotoShop© enhancements.


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