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Show us your Artsy side!
Post your images that have been artistically altered, such as Black and White conversions, toned images, filter effects or anything else that you would consider an artistic rendering of the original. Please include a description of how the image was made and altered.

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I took a picture (analog) of my daughter Hannah. In a graphic program I added some angel wings. Then I used an action named Gum Bichromate Print - you can find this action here:

Hope you'll like it
Love it! Excellent job creating the Old Photo effect.
Rike, Do you have any insight to share on how you went about achieving this effect? I'd love to know!
you mean the old Photo effect? It's very simple - even though the Photoshop action is very complex. You open a picture and run the action. That's all. The info is under the link I posted. There you can find the action as a download as well.
These light gray links we have here on LI are difficult for me to see sometimes. My mistake! I did follow the link and will download the action as soon as I can afford Photoshop CS. Right now I use Elements and Adobe Lightroom. They seem to fit most of my needs at present.
Thanks for the info Rike!
Good morning - at least it is at my place ;) No problem Robert, yes the links are hard to see, especially when it is very bright in the room with the computer.
I don't have PS CS, too - much too expensive ;) I have an old version (PS 6) that I bought 'cheap' on ebay a while ago.
Rike--As ususal, amazing shot! I absolutely love this!
thanks Felicia :)
It's easy to take pictures of my daughter, because she trusts me - and she knows without much saying how she wants to see herself on pictures. It's more difficult with a person you are not so familiar with...
I agree with that--I love ot shoot my girls because they are unabashed too.

Scotty Harris Saxaphone player with The Mark Whitman Band

Selective focus and some creative post processing in Photoshop.
1/250 sec f/2.8 shot with a Canon 30D and 70-200 f/2.8L

I made this shot with my Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D using natural light from a window. The settings were 1 sec f/8 ISO 100. I used Adobe Lightroom to convert to grayscale and applied certain filter effects in Photoshop. The idea was to create a soft, but directional light with sufficient contrast to print in B&W.
I like the idea with the flower - and the 'cropping' of the photo... nicely done :)


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