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Post your very best images of Ireland here. Please let us know where and when the photo was taken and any other interesting information on the shot. Hopefully we will get some interesting stuff and some lively discussion!

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This is Renvyle Castle, in Connemara, near Tully's Cross and Renvyle House. I loved that this Connemara pony was so photogenically positioned! Taken on a gorgeous October day in 2007 with a Canon G-4. Summer had been truly awful, but fall was glorious -- and tourist free!

Not that I was on a horse tour, but I came across this horse fair in Kilrush on the way to the ferry. The main roundabout in town was filled with horse traders. I highly recommend driving yourself while in Ireland -- a tour bus would never have stopped for this, but it was amazing. Oct. '07, Canon G-4.

This is one of the most beautiful photos I have seen in awhile. It's kind of like the past is reflected in its smplicity and in the eyes of the beast.
I love photos like this. Makes me wonder who lived there and the whole history of that building.
I loved looking at this picture. Having been in Kilrush two years ago, I can remember the hustle and bustle of all the cars in that town. I also know the area where you took this picture. It's great to see this type of life going on even amidst the everyday transport and business. What a great picture. I think I know the gentlemen in the picture as well -- but I'll have to check with my brother who travelled with me.
Thank you, Felicia and James. Yes, this was the main roundabout in town, cars, trucks and buses slowly weaving their way through the sea of horse flesh. It was amazing, and so Ireland. :-) Here's another shot I took that day. I love the intensity of the gentleman on the right. So serious!

The gent is not so amused as he is amusing huh? Haha.

This is a photo of the road that leads right to the door of the house my cousin lives in today. It is the Home my Grandmother was raised in just north of Castlebar in County Maigh eo along with 8 other siblings.
I took this photo in august of 2005 which was the last time we were there ourselves performing throughout Ireland.
We were able to spend one day of our trip at the house with my cousin who still lives in this "famine cottage" as it was built"
It was the most humbling experience of my life and it put into persepective how poor the poor really were.
Every time I look at this photo I imagine how hard it must have been to walk up that path for the last time when she came here to the US at 17 years old. Remembering that it was a time when there was no mass media to really inform you as to where you were heading and what it would be like. Just steps in Blind Faith.



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