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Post your very best images of Ireland here. Please let us know where and when the photo was taken and any other interesting information on the shot. Hopefully we will get some interesting stuff and some lively discussion!

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I know what you mean-It is nice weather today and I would love nothing better to be in Ireland with this weather.
Well, I can only wish we had good weather here. Yesterday we had snow flurries and today, cold and wet! Yuck! Well, it looks like we might get some descent weather next week and I hope to get out with my camera.
I'm going to play around with some HDR (high dynamic range) photography. Something new to me but I've seen some really impressive HDR stuff and can't wait to try it out.
To those of you with nice weather today, Enjoy!
I hope you get the good weather and some snaps. I live in a city where seldon do I feel like snapping pictures, although I think I might wnat to switch to b/w and try some--makes city scape more monumental.
another shot that I took during one of the two visits to Ireland... Quinn Abbey, Co. Clare
The picture was taken analog - so I don't know the data what lens I used and what shutter speed :(

Rike, Nicely composed! I really like the contrast in color. Looks like a typical day in Ireland, overcast, a lot like where I live in the Pacific Northwest USA. It's interesting that when we are confronted with flat lighting, we try to create local contrast as in this image. Color can be the vehicle to creating that contrast. Nicely done!
thanks Robert...
She looked so beautifully - so I had to picture her. Wish I had seen her by night as well - her halo seems to be illuminated...
interesting color constrast. the different elements of nature against the stone, as well as the Blessed Mother being so prominant in the photo makes the church as both metaphor and actual dominant. thanks for sharing. I took the first shot at Kylemore Abbey and the second shot across a wall behind the Abbey where they shot the Quiet Man.
Very nice Felicia! I'd love to try my hand at a B&W conversion on pic 040, with your permission of course. Nice work!
sure why not. would be interesting.
Send me a jpeg file to and I'll play around with it some. This should be fun. Maybe we could start a new thread called - Pimp my Picture. I've seen this on other photography forums and it's really cool to see all the different interpretations on one image.
I just sent it to you. Funny-pimp my pictures!
Got it! I'll pimp it out and get back to ya! LOL


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